Banning headscarfs in schools and other

From this schoolyear on, headscarfs are banned in the Koninklijk Atheneum Antwerpen and Koninklijk Atheneum Hoboken. If I remember correct, they are one of the last schools in Antwerp to ban headscarfs. I don’t know if it’s a good decision or not, because I don’t know the situation on the field, but I wan’t to talk about all the discussion and stuff in the media on this topic.

To the Imam of Antwerp :

1. There f*cking IS a problem with muslim men/boy forcing women/girls to wear a headscarf! Do something about it!

2. You say there is Xenophobia (hope I’m spelling it right). That’s true, and that is indeed not good, and something has to be done about that. I agree on that. But by threathening with creating your own schools and stuff you are also provoking it.

3. A school ISN’T a damn democracy! Students have some participation rights, but they are limited. Again, a school ISN’T a democracy.

To the girls voluntary wearing a headscarf : It are the rules of your school. Accept it or leave.

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What has happened

It has been a while since I last posted here. Mostly because of school. Anyway, I guess you don’t wan’t to read excuses :P You wan’t to read blogposts, ain’t it? In this blogpost I’ll talk about school. In the next one I’ll talk about the banning of headscrafs (Am I right on the translation?, anyway, what Muslim women put on their head to prevent their hair being seen by men) at two schools in Antwerp (Koninklijk Atheneum Antwerpen and Koninklijk Atheneum Hoboken).

On 1 september the new schoolyear started for me. I’m in a class with 18 students (including me), of which one girl (poor girl ;) , a full year with 17 boys, must be horrible :P ). They all seem quite nice to me. Our SystemManagement teacher seems quite funny, as seems our Maths teacher. The Software and Development teacher teaches extremely slow. He used 30 minutes for explaining/making a Hello World in ASP.NET..

That’s it for now. I will try to post regulary (about school) from now on.

Listening to 21 Guns from Green Day — Great song

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Flash and ubuntu part 2

A few days after my first part on flash on ubuntu, I  made a greasemonkey script, that works on youtube, and (via a httprequest to a php page) downloads the video and converts it to a ogg theora. Then the embed tag is replaced by a html 5 video tag.

Script (JS):

// ==UserScript==
// @name Youtube OGGER
// @namespace
// @description Converts youtube's FLV files to OGG Theora files
// @version 0.1
// @include*
// @include*
// @include http://**
// ==/UserScript==
var video_id = null;
var video_hash = null;
var video_player = document.getElementById('movie_player');
if (video_player) {var flash_variables=video_player.attributes.getNamedItem('flashvars');
if (flash_variables) {var flash_values=flash_variables.value; }
document.getElementById('watch-player-div').innerHTML='Even geduld...';
method: "GET",
url: "http://localhost/youtubeoggs/youtubeogger.php?fv="+flash_values+"&url="+location.href,
headers: {
"User-Agent": "Mozilla/5.0", // Recommend using navigator.userAgent when possible
onload: function(response) {
if (response.status == 200) {
var div_embed=document.getElementById('watch-player-div');
if (div_embed) {
div_embed.innerHTML='your browser does not support the video tag';

Script (PHP) :

if (!file_exists("/var/www/youtubeoggs/ogg/y-".$videoID.".ogg")) {
exec("wget -O flv/y-".$videoID.".flv \"".$stanQual."\"");
exec("ffmpeg -i flv/y-".$videoID.".flv -vcodec libtheora -sameq -acodec libvorbis -ac 2 -sameq ogg/y-".$videoID.".ogg");
echo "http://localhost/youtubeoggs/ogg/y-".$videoID.".ogg";

However, you need ffmpeg for it. Any room for improvement? Any idea’s on how to make it faster? (it is quite slow)

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Progress on the network

In meanwhile the sites system is finished (except for some integration things, they will happen when the other systems are finished too). And after this blogpost I will start the pm system. I don’t expect that one to be a hard one either. A PM-controller, with index of pm’s, read a pm, write one, delete one and report one. I personally expect it to be finished before the end of the week. And then I might start at the tutorials system. That one will take a while I think, but that will give the others time to make their systems, and after that, integration can begin.

In meanwhile I’m also planning a new version of my personal site (the 14th in almost 6 years) and I have ideas for some others.

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First steps in the Kohana PHP Framework

Today and yesterday I’ve put my first steps in the Kohana PHP framework. I didn’t do quite much yet, but you’ve got to start with something, ain’t it? What I’ve done so far :

  • Basic M-V-C
  • Form helper
  • Database lib
  • Join query (I can only make them for a month in normal sql)
  • Form helper
  • Validation class

Coming up :

  • translations
  • some stuff with virtual subdomains (eg. matter.language.networkdomain.tld)
  • combining physical and real folders? (eg. : admin/class/method)
  • some more of the stuff I already did
  • something I forgot :)

After that the sites+translations system of the network will be finished. Then I will experiment with Kohana 3.0 RC’s, and I might start the next systems.

In meanwhile, T. is working on the Forumsystem and M. is working on the Userssystem. (They both have very little experience in OOP, none of us has experience in kohana).

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TV & News retought

At first I was thinking to not make a blog post today, but I changed my mind.

With the current economic crisis many newspapers are “bleeding”. It is clear that a new businessmodel is needed. The second thing I want to talk about today, is the future of TV.


At the moment that I’m writting this, I’m sitting in the couch, with my laptop, and I can see the TV. The sound is muted, the images destract me. I’ve tought several times :

“I want a mute-button that mutes both sound and imagery”

Then I realized two things :

  • There are two such buttons, the stand-by button or the power button
  • I would forget to turn the TV back on to watch the programme I’m waiting for at the moment.

So, what do I need?

  • I need a TV with a protocol.
  • I need another device/machine/my laptop to download TV-shedules, I can then select a program and bind multiple actions to it. “Record to harddrive”, “Turn TV on”, and so on.
  • The device/machine/laptop has to be able to do these commands trough the protocol.

I see one problem (but I may be wrong, please correct me if so) : The TV will have to be in Stand-by mode, or you have to be able to trigger the turn on effect in a different way.

Don’t tell me I need digital TV, I don’t want it. It’s bad, and doesn’t do what I want at all. For the people who can read dutch, also read this post on Michel Vuijlsteke’s weblog. If you don’t speak dutch, here’s the google translation for the post.

If I knew a bit more about TV and such, I might open one up to see what I can do with current TV’s , but I’m a bit afraid to do that atm.

(Anyone interested to investigate this topic any further, with me?)


News only in papers isn’t the way to go. That’s clear. What is it then? I don’t know for sure, but there are a few things that bother me.

  1. I want to read/listen to/watch only the items that I find interesting, and when I want to, I want to have access to background information quickly. On EVERY medium.
  2. There should however be normal newsbulletins too. But, also, on every medium.

Now you might think “You can’t have video in newspapers”. Indeed, you can’t. That why I would like to use eBook-readers or similar for newspapers. It reduces the printing costs, and gives you access to so much more.

What do you think about my proposals? Good/Bad? Did I miss things? Completely unrealistic? Be sure to tell me!

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Goddamned.. over 30° C today, tomorrow almost 35° C.. Summer may be over soon..

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Using others’ software or writing your own

As a programmer, I sometimes think “Hell, I could write this stuff exactly how I need it, why am I using this shit?”. Well, I’ve tried it sometimes.. I’ve tried to make a CMS for about 3 times, I tried to make a blog one time.  Now, I’m working on Hell, Why am I doing this. WordPress is quite good, but just sucks. I really should write my own software, but at the moment I haven’t got the time.

Fellow programmers, do you easily think “I can write this way better”, and if so do you do it too, and if so do you maintain it also, and do you release it?

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For about half a year now, I’m running Ubuntu on my 1GB ram laptop. I really like it, except for some useability issues. My sound is bugged as hell, I’ve googled hundreds of times, never found a working solution. Really, it’s fucked up. When I play multiple tracks in Tuxguitar it starts acting very strange, and I then get a horning sound. Sound at youtube is bad, it jumps a lot and strange sounds get mixed in.. But that might also be an issue of the other problem : flash. Installing a new Adobe flash version doesn’t work, Swfdec is bugged as hell, and you can’t fucking uninstall it without removing GNOME. Really, I like ubuntu, but sometimes I really wonder why I left Windows XP for Ubuntu. For hard-core geeks it might be good. Who needs flash after all, and sound ain’t important, is it? But for a bit more mainstream users, and for mainstream users to use Ubuntu, it is one of those important things. Without such things fixed less people will go to Ubuntu or any linux version, as not-geeks might not understand how linux-distro’s work. I think these are things that really have to be fixed.

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